Field Notes

Hello All,Today, Jesse and I have laid out our plans for the orphanage.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done.  We've made a list of the Top Projects and items to be bought that are the utmost priority.

Dry Food: We are buying a month's supply of rice and flour, because they are down to their last bag.  This should cost roughly $400.

Lice Problem: All the children have lice.  Today we will buy medicine.

Dying Chickens: The chickens are the one of the orphanage's main sources of income.  They have about 200 chickens but most are sick and/or dying because they are are festering in their current conditions with minimal air circulation.  The plan is to build a new coop with different compartments, so that the floors can be cleaned more often, while housing no more than 25-50 chickens per compartment.  In addition, we will add air circulation through the new structure.

Broken Window Screens / Doors: All the windows have broken screens.  This is a safety problem for the kids who stick their hands through and get cut.  In addition, several tin doors are corroding making it also a dangerous situation for the children.

New Bed sheets and Closets: We need to purchase bedsheets and comforters.  It gets very cold here in the winter and the half the kids are without heavy blankets.  Also, we will be buying wood to construct a wardrobe for each room. 

We are also looking for old clothes and children games for children between 6 months and 14 years, both sexes.  If anyone has these things laying around, please send us a box, as both are badly needed!!  It would be ideal if you can ship these out as soon as possible so I will still be around to receive them.  Give me a heads up once they've been shipped, so I will know to keep a look out.

Ship to:

Annapurna Self-Sustaining Orphan Home
c/o Sarada Basnet
Batulechaur, Pokhara-16NEPAL 


khem bahadur bk
07/27/2012 21:29

welcome and thanks for all of your team ...

07/30/2012 08:11

that is very useful information for us we hop that you always continue to post these type of information in future also


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